Day 8

We’re back!


Day 8

Day 7

We started the day with our classic breakfast of a baguette red with jam and cereal. Noah and Freddie then blessed us with a bible study with opened up some great questions.

We then played some Empires together before lunch together with some 65 other missionaries. 

After lunch we had a time of intercession for Europe, waiting on God for specific words and then praying with other staff members.

We then got words and made thank you cards for the base and team members that we have particularly connected with. 

Dinner at the lake was great fun- we had a Goodbye BBq and kicked a balled around.

Straight after dinner we went to an open air concert outside the cathedral that some YWAMers were holding. We prayed and got words and then went treasure hunting – below were our highlights 

Feedback​ from evangelism 


Spoke to a family in French. Spoke and then prayed for them (Barbara, Jurgen and Joshua)

Another family wanted prayer for France 

Guy and his daughter (Noah?) wanted prayer 

Met guy called Finn, 14, German guy- prayed for him for his school .

5 blokes we met from Paris, wanted prayer for money, safety in Brisbane a football career. Dan shared about how God heals how Jesus is good news

Met more Germans – Valentine and Frederick – got to pray for their family

Met Ligal- prayed for his family 

Kept meeting people in neon orange (word he got). Couple were stubborn at first but prayed for his wife and her parents who were ill. And prayed for their son 13yr old.

Chatted with group of girls. From surf hostel . Rebecca. Had heard of YWAM. Christian. Lucy told her friend that her hair was really nice . Chanel. Lucy had a word of knowledge that God had spoke earlier about heart break – was bang on. Prayed for her and her bf. Chanel started crying . Really impacted 

Went up to a couple and said hi. Prayed for their upcoming marriage and prayed for them. Wife hugged Nina to thank her.

Met 4 girls – said hi , they introduced themselves and offered prayer . One wanted world starvation to end and Nina put her hand on her an prayed for her. She started crying and was so thankful, hugging Nina.


Met Aurora and Menon . Both about to start Uni. Very open. Spoke for a while. Took them to the side and laid hands and explained that they would like to see G help them with a problem. S prayed for them and one was crying – s felt like God was revealing himself to her. 

Met Stefan an Miriam great convo and prayed for their family and France

Offered prayer straight away after getting our words- guy appreciated it but not interested. Met jim and June from Scotland with S. They were Catholics and wanted prayer for their kids. They felt encouraged .

Met Pablo and Fatima- got to pray for them. Spanish but prayed 
Generally, the atmosphere was great – live music from the concert really helped as people wanted to hang around. 

Team just went for it. Dancing at front  and then just going out as they saw people from their prayer time  and meeting new  folk. 

We returned by midnight after a cheeky ice cream.  

  Bible study   Noah sharing with some lads
Zane sharing with a family

  Busting out some dancing moves
Dutch team sharing the gospel


Day 7

Day 6 

Thanks for your prayers!

  Sending out helium balloons over city

Day 6

We started our day after breakfast with some encouragements towards each other to keep the group spirits high then we moved on to some bible study courtesy of Ezra and Olamide. 

After that we then had a good game of Spoons ( a few players had some “controversial”moves but they shall remain nameless) and Signs. 

We had some superb Shepherd’s Pie for lunch right before a rousing Worship slot which was led by Tanya, a returning YWAM staff member. After this we spent the next few hours of the afternoon with the Holland Team, which we’re sharing our cosy hotel with. We went down to the St. Mary’s Statue beside the beach in town to share God’s Word, some more worship(led by Grace,one of our humble hosts, on guitar) and even ballons. We even let off some helium ballons with tiny post it notes tied around them, it was a little rainbow. We then split up from the deutsch team as we handed out some tiny pamphlets with some of God’s encouragement decorating them as we attempted to tell more people about God. Freddie, Dan and Noah talked to a group of friends sitting near the statue who asked for prayer for France and the future of France and then they talked to the rest of the other boys about pokemon Go and hockey. Susannah was able to pray for ,a guy named, Sam who asked her to pray for happiness. Then she came across a group of 3 girls who were dressed for Fête de Bayonne and they were able to have a good conversation with. Noah, Grace, Nina, Dan, Zane and myself also ran into those same girls later and we had a pretty good conversation. One if the girls Tiffany even Prayed that we would have a safe trip and for Grace’s knee. Noah and Grace also met a guy who studied IT who spoke little English but they were able to have a good conversation with him and ask him for prayer but he politely declined. Lucy met some girls, Marie-Bell and Cammie, on the bridge drawing and Lucy tried to talk to one of them but she didn’t speak much English so she started talking to her friend who spoke a bit of English and just as Lucy thought the conversation was over they both started discussing their views on creation and life . Lucy told them how she believes in God and how God created everything and then she Prayed for them. We got back to the hotel that evening where we had a tradition French meal then we did dishes. Dan took us out for dessert at a nice little crêperie by the beach. We had some quality banter and loads of sugar . Then we were all on a bit of a sugar high as we returned to the hotel as we received a few stares from the local. It was a good day and we can’t wait to see what the next day holds .

worship with missionaries from across the world  
Apres crepes team photo


spoons at the base 

Day 6 

Day 5 – Day Off

Day Off
After breakfast (special order of plain and chocolate croissants from the popular local bakery), we gathered our things for a day out in Spain. Last year, we took a lovely trip to San Sebastian; this time we wanted to explore somewhere new, and were recommended Hondarribia, another coastal town in the Basque country right across the border. We were thrilled to find Timo was joining us (he took us last year) and he, along with Grace, drove us in two vans…girls and guys. 
Our first stop was The Beach – a huge flat stretch of white sand with still water and lots of white sailboats on the horizon. We played a lovely game of keep-away with the tennis ball, toasted in the sun (don’t worry, lots of sun screen applied), and made our own sandwiches. Getting ice cream cones at a local grocery store topped it all off nicely, and we spent the rest of the afternoon strolling together through the town. There were bursts of drama when various youth lost different competitions/games set by Dan and had to complete “dares.” 
We arrived back in Biarritz safely and in time for a dinner of shepherds pie and the announcement of the much-anticipated football match between “Team England” and the world, as represented by the collection of Dutch, Canadian, American, South African, Swiss, and German YWAM staff. Last summer, Team England was infamously beaten by a non-English squad, so there was a reputation to restore…and lots of smack talk. While the girls watched and cheered from the sidelines, the boys established themselves as victors with a definitive win: 9-2!!!

Pray for wisdom as we seek God for what ministry he has for us tomorrow. Also God’s continued protection over us 

Day 5 – Day Off

Day 4

Day 4 in
by temi

It was an excellent day. Nina and Zane presented an amazing bible study which sparked a chain of questions including faith, why life is full of suffering and pain and why does god allow these events to happen which all members of SMYC gave mature answers.

This afternoon we went to the beach with some ‘free prayer signs’ to offer people prayer. We split into three teams, two prayer teams and a football team who were meeting with guys met during last nights evangelism . I managed to have a chat with 5 guys from the basque country who were called iktal, jon, victor and two others who also expressed their need to pray alone which I respected, after talking to them I took a group photo with them on their friend’s camera. At this moment nina and lucy managed to pray for a spanish woman and another couple.

Later I met a guy called ishmal and his girlfriend called mattice whom I made brilliant eyecontact for a solid 3 seconds followed by a wave, he loved the fact that christians were trying to pray for people and he acknowledged our efforts, the football team managed to play football and pray with some new guys whilst another man came up to them asking for a prayer after the match.
Combing the beach looking for last nights new friends   
Ice cream after treasure hunting  

Day 4

Testimonies from last night 

Notes: from Nina


Noah~ In a football group talked to a friend and that friend had 3 other friends and he was talking to them about being a Christian when ur younger and about following that way of life. He has never talked about Christian lifestyle to even his own friends before

Ezra~ met a few people who support Barcelona and talked about football 

Zane~ at football talked to people and talked a bit about God but not with all of them.

Lucy~ started off playing volleyball and wasn’t working coz they hit people often so it was awkward and lucy went up with Nina and lola and prayed while they went on a treasure hunt. Didn’t have any convos but was cool.

Susanna~ talked to family sitting on the edge where one was a ballerina and they were nice and the girl had a broken foot so Susan’s prayed for her leg and they were thankful. They even invited them to a dance performance. Then treasure hunted and talked to the girls that were flirting with boys and prayed for them and told them they were beautiful and to take care.

Dan~ Volleyball and then went to see the music people but went back and talked to two men playing football and asked them questions and had a chilled convo. And then told them the story of how God impacts his life and tried to tell them about God. The man was interested and wanted prayer to encounter love so Dan was able to pray for him. Then talked with Thomas with the hat and asked about believing in God but he said no. Thomas was being really open about his troubles in the early life and his struggles. Also met a really drunk guy.

Temi~ with the music guys and able to be part of the groups chatting.

Nina~Got a word about curtain drape necklace . Found a girl with a necklace and offered the word from God but she wasn’t up for it.

Dami~ started in the music group but couldn’t really hear their music. Then they saw a man and was drawn in to talk to him but the man had very little English and his parents were very religious but wasn’t so. Didn’t get such a chance to talk about God but it was a nice experience.

Lola~ when we were praying for words she got red and white and saw a family where the man was wearing white top and red shorts and they ended up being deaf and they had disabled child and lola wanted to pray for them because she had a connection with them because of her left hand and it really meant something to her.

Freddy~ met a man called Thomas with a hat and talked to him about religion and he was Catholic but he went to church when he could. Another Thomas he met was talking with him and it was hard to talk to him because he couldn’t do his french speaking so well. Another man was talking about France and how they talk to each other there.

Testimonies from last night 

Day 3

By Noah 

Our third day in Biarritz consisted of park church, swimming in lakes, worship and making French signs, just to name a few things. We started our day with a brilliant breakfast, with Room 2 bossing the clean-up. The group reconvened outside the accommodation and made our way to church. When I say church, I mean a service organised and led by ourselves in a nearby park. Before our service started, however, Freddie found himself in the park’s pond after a rather wayward cross-field ‘ping’. With a wet Freddie, we chose a spot, lay our blankets down, connected FK’s phone to a speaker, Dami opened the service, and then we proceeded to worship. Our service involved singling along to some Hillsong classics, some testimonies from Lucy and Ezra, a message from Lola on patience for the Lord, and a closing prayer from Temi. There were certainly a fair number of people that stopped to see what we were doing, which was really having a great time with each other and with God. Before heading back to the hotel for lunch, some of us embarked on a competitive game of footy while others played some cards. We then returned back to the hotel for a lovely lunch, which was a tasty tuna pasta dish, reconvened and made our way to YWAM worship at the base. Worship was incredible, with upward of 80 people from all over the world in a rather modestly-sized room. It was a very special time where we lifted up our praise to God and really soaked in his presence. Following worship, we had an hour and a half of free time, which the group took to nap, chill out or rather play more football. We met again at 5:15, where we got things ready for our PM crew outing (where we go out to the beach from 22:30-02:30 to help out people on the beach and evangelise), which included praying for ‘clues’ for people to talk to tonight and making posters saying ‘Prière Gratuite’ (free prayer). We finished just in time for another delicious dinner of BBQ Pork, mash potatoes and beans. Then Dan instructed us to get some kip before the long evening ahead of us with the PM crew, which we are all very excited to be part of. I am currently writing prior to our night of evangelism on the beach, but we’ll be sure to get back to you tomorrow about our experience.

Just before we head out to the late night evangelism session 

Day 3